Wednesday, 8 January 2014

ScHARR News - Thursday 9th January & Friday 10th January 2014


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OpenMarkov is a free (open source?) software tool for probabilistic graphical models (PGMs) developed by the Research Centre on Intelligent Decision-Support Systems of the UNED in Madrid, Spain.The website has been updated to include details on how to undertake cost-effectiveness analyses with the programme.  Presented by its developers at a HEDS seminar last year, the software looked very useful; what do you think?
Medical Humanities Lecture Series
When: Wed Apr 2, 2014 6pm to 7pm  BST Where: Firth Hall, S10 2TN Event Status: confirmed Event Description: How Experts make Better Decisions than Novices - Dual process theory in Action - Dr. Dyfrig Hughes, Consultant and Clinical Director of Emergency Medicine, Barnsley Free of charge. All welcome. Contact Ida Kemp,
A sample of the RAT Group's achievements, 2013
... for living in later life. February - CATCH (Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare) established their new name and welcomed Corinne Wells, Professor Arlene Astell and Dr Abigail Millings on board.

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