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ScHARRNews - Friday 4th July 2014



Le Tour in Sheffield!!!
South Yorkshire is a bumpy county.  Sheffield, like Rome is built on 7 hills (or maybe eight, so better then Rome).  Le Tour comes through South Yorkshire, the Peak District National Park and into Sheffield on Sunday.  There are 13 or more cycling clubs in Sheffield so there are going to be a lot of people cheering on Froome Dog.I’ll be at the Category 4 Côte de Bradfield climb.  Where will you be
Ageing populations and age related health inequalities: briefing paper published
A new briefing paper has been published on the CLAHRC-SY website. The paper discusses the global issue of an ageing population, the demographic change both within and across regions and how the demographics of our population are set to change by 2050.More specifically, the paper explores 4 key areas:1. Ageing populations and inequalities: socioeconomic influences on health and wellbeing, disabilit


Recent paper published!
Dr Jack Parker and colleagues of the RAT group are pleased to announce their latest publication, ‘Stroke patient’s utilisation of extrinsic feedback form computer-based technology in the home: a multiple case study realistic evaluation’ This paper describes Dr Jack Parker’s PhD programme of research exploring the use of feedback provided by the SMART Rehabilitation Technology System used as part
Deprivation, clubs and drugs
Dr Clare Relton and colleagues from ScHARR Public Health Section recently published a paper titled Deprivation, clubs and drugs: results of a UK regional population-based cross-sectional study of weight management strategies. The key (and new) finding of the paper is that there is a social gradient with the types things they do to try and lose weight: “Those from less deprived areas are more likel

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