Friday, 5 September 2014

ScHARRNews - Friday 5th September 2014



Swiss army device?
Researchers at Harvard University have developed a handheld device aimed at people living in poor regions. The device can:- monitor diabetes- detect malaria- analyse drinking water- test water for metals e.g. lead and zinc- look at sodium levels in urine- search for malaria antigens in blood samples - send information to a computer to anywhere in the world using a mobile phoneThe device is being t


White Rose Dementia Workshop
Dementia Research. Are you involved or interested in becoming involved?Please join us for a free workshop - 3rd October, 2014.For further information, for an agenda or to register please click here.Alternatively you may contact Lynne Codd:Email: 0114 222 1726

SEP 03

Societal values in trade-offs between equity and efficiency
From the NICE website:"The Citizens Council, which advises NICE, has published its draft report on what societal values should influence NICE’s decisions about getting the best value from the money spent (efficiency) whilst ensuring those resources are shared fairly (equity). NICE is now asking the wider public for views on the report.To help explore these areas, the Council debated a series
To live "independently with complete confidence"
Phillips Lifeline to allow people to live "independently with complete confidence". It allows medical help to be available via the users smartphone. Phillips claim this app is easy to install and to use. All you require is a press of a button and you are connected. Phillips Lifeline allows the user to:- talk directly to a live trained professional 24/7- They will contact whoever you like

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University festival offers a feast of marvel and magic to stimulate the mind
Spectacular collaborations between world-leading academics and some of the UK’s most famous artists and musicians will entertain and enlighten at the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind 2014.

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