Thursday, 9 October 2014

ScHARRNews - Thursday 9th October 2014



Highlights From The King'S Fund
RAT and CATCH researchers attended the excellent 2014 King's Fund International Digital Health and Care Congress in September. Lizzie Coates and Olubukola Otesile presented findings from the MALT project, including thoughts on whether or not telehealth encourages or stifles self-management. Claire Bentley presented the development of an app to help people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


No-one can multitask like an information specialist…
We are a multi-talented bunch here at ScHARR Towers, and in particular we are known for our baking. Even Andy Tattersall, a man more known for his web 2.0 skills than his whisking, can whip up a batch of brownies. I just about managed to stop cramming one into my mouth in time to take a picture of these last few crumbs. Not only did Andy bake these himself, but they contain beetroot from his allot

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