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Care partners boost outcomes for heart failure patients using mHealth intervention
Expanding the reach of mobile health tools to include care partners of patients suffering from chronic heart failure may help to boost adherence to medication and lower shortness of breath instances, according to a new study.Researchers of the report, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, examined the of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' CarePartner program to see how an mH


Learn Hacks #25 Google Calendar
Google Calendar is a really good tool for organising your day, whether that be lectures, seminars or a catch up with your personal tutor. It works well on mobile devices and can help you be in the right place at the right time. It is very useful when doing any kind of research-lead studying and can be used to create appointment slots for any participants helping you with your research, giving them
Learn Hacks #24 Readability
Readability is a brilliant tool for stripping away all of those distractions you find on a modern webpage. These include adverts, banners, web links and hypertext, all designed to take you away from what you really want to read. Readability is a simple web plugin that works in Chrome and allows you to save an offline copy of the article you are reading without any of the distractions of links and
Samsung, Medtronic partner on diabetes monitoring apps
Samsung Electronics and Medtronic are teaming up to develop mobile apps to provide insight and access on diabetes data, including glucose monitoring information, for Medtronic's MiniMed Connect. The MiniMed Connect device offers providers faster and easier access to patient insulin pump and glucose data in a mobile environment, as well as remote alerts, which Medtronic says will allow for more rea

JUN 16

Google's Study Kit to advance Baseline Study health research project
Google is expanding its research efforts into human disease and illness to better understand how the human body goes from healthy to sick, and is testing apps for gathering needed data, according to a TechCrunch report. The company kicked off its health-focused research effort, called Baseline Study, about a year ago in a pilot involving Stanford University and Duke University focusing on defining

JUN 15

University of Sheffield academic recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours
The Dean of the University of Sheffield’s world-leading School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) has been honoured by Her Majesty the Queen for his outstanding contribution to health research.
Online Open Days
The School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) currently run various online open days aimed at people who are considering applying for postgraduate study at the School of Health and Related Research. The online open days cover both distance learning courses and attending courses. Find out more about ScHARR online open days at
In the latest HEDS newsletter…
…there are articles on:ReQoL - recovering quality of lifeIntroducing patient reported outcome measures into the national clinical auditsThe immunoglobulin burden of treatment questionnaireWell-being measures in policyCost effectiveness of screening for ovarian cancerIncluding adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) in the newborn heel prick screeningExploratory analysis of the impact of morbidities on colorect
Medipex NHS Innovation Awards - prize money £10, 000
What? The Medipex NHS Innovation Awards was created in 2005to identify people working for the NHs who come up with ideas that do or could lead to improvement in any patient experience. There is a new Digital Health Category this year.Who? The competition is for all NHS staff in the Yorkshire and Humber Region (individuals and teams), Members in the East Midlands, or anybody working with an NHS emp

JUN 13

One size does not fit all - Steel Science
Dr Mark Green from the University's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), who leads the study, has identified the six groups of people as: young males who were heavy drinkers, middle aged individuals who ...
“The latest modelling carried out by the School of Health and Related research (ScHARR) at Sheffield University estimated that a minimum price of 50p per unit would result in 300 fewer deaths per annum after 10 years.
Six Shades Of Obesity: Focus On Type Of Obesity To Effectively ...
Dr. Mark Green at the university's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), who led the research, distinguishes obesity into six categories: young males who are heavy drinkers; younger healthy females; ...
New research shows how to tackle obesity - Medical Xpress
The study, led by Dr Mark Green from the University's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), identified the six groups as: young males who were heavy drinkers, middle aged individuals who were unhappy and ...
2015 Session Abstracts – Monday April 13th | Evidence Live 2016
... Cape Town, South Africa, 6School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University, Bangor, UK, 7National Institute of Health Research, Tehran, Iran, 8School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
Public Health, Wellbeing and Inequalities: Identifying Local Authority ...
Dr Richard Cooper, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, tells us about his project within the School of Health and Related Research. The links between the University of Sheffield and key organisations in the area like local ...
Report on UK alcohol industry's “billion units pledge” is flawed
Dr John Holmes and his colleagues based at the University of Sheffield's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) say that key assumptions within the analysis are “simplistic” and call for the report to be withdrawn ...

JUN 12

Thync heads to market with $299 mood-shifting consumer wearable
Startup Thync has started to sell its forehead-adhesive consumer device intended to make users feel "more calm or energized" after the FDA exempted the system from any regulation as a medical device. The startup said it is the first consumer wearable device that's marketed to improve a person's mood.The company does cite a study showing that the device results in a "significant redu

JUN 11

Comment:Why a diverse range of people are discovering dentistry
The University of Sheffield’s free online course, Discover Dentistry, is about to start its third run on FutureLearn. Here, lead educator, Christopher Stokes, discusses the diverse group of people who have taken the course so far and what he has learnt from it.
Assistive Technology Innovation Lab - Event in Leeds
What? To be involved in creating a "pop up" Innovation Lab to encourage the development and use of Technology Enabled Care (TEC) and supported Assisted Living. The facility will host TEC product trials and demonstration and provide opportunities to engage with service users, commissioners, voluntary sector and other servies providers to showacase a wide range of technologies. Who? Lookin
Online open days for our MScs
Three are coming up:18 June (12.30pm) - MSc International Health Technology Assessment7 July (12pm) - MSc Health Economics and Decision Modelling15 July (12pm) - MSc Health Economics and Decision ModellingIf you are interested, register here.  If you can’t make them, information on the two courses are available here.

JUN 10

Productivity Hacks for the Digital Academic: Part Two
This is part two of a blog post I wrote for the Digital Science Guest BlogImage CC BY 2.0 Dennis HamiltonThe first part of this guest blog post looked at the problems that new and existing academics face when considering web and social technologies as part of their profession. The second part looks at a few options for dealing with digital distraction in the academic institution. Given that the we
TiM telehealth in MND study
This is a randomised controlled mixed methods pilot study of telehealth in motor neurone disease.  We are recruiting patients who are cared for by the Sheffield Motor Neurone Disease Care and Research Clinic at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.  We’ve currently recruited 29 patients plus 26 carers to our study, half of which are using the telehealth system which sends weekly reports about their cond
Latest journal articles from HEDS
Published in May….Iterative sifting in the selection of research evidence: implications for reviews and other decision problemsArcher R, Paisley S, Essat M, Preston L, Thornhill MInt J Technol Assess Health Care 1-5 12 May 2015 Sipuleucel-T for the Treatment of Metastatic Hormone-Relapsed Prostate Cancer: A NICE Single Technology Appraisal; An Evidence Review Group Perspective. Simpson EL, Davis S
MyDignityMeans: A patient led event - Sheffield Hallam University
... Consultant Urologist and Secretary General to the European Association of Urology; Professor Mark Hawley, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Director of the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH); Dr Sandip ...
Technology could be the key to help people improve and maintain ...
Over 75 per cent of people who experience symptoms of anxiety and depression get no treatment but leading researchers from the University's Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) have ...

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