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Research Associate Reference: UOS0099518 Salary: £29,552 – £37,394 per annum Closing Date: 14th November 2014 Overview Based in ScHARR’s Section of Public Health, you will be a team member of Work Package 4 (Improving Obesity Related Outcomes in Old Age) of the INNOVAGE (Social Innovations Promoting Active and Healthy Ageing) project. INNOVAGE, which is funded by the European 7th Framework Progra
Latest journal articles from HEDS
Published in October….Reporting the characteristics of the policy context for population-level alcohol interventions: A proposed 'Transparent Reporting of Alcohol Intervention ContExts' (TRAICE) checklist.Holmes J, Meier PS, Booth A, Brennan ADrug and Alcohol Review Oct 2014 Promoting Health Literacy through Community Based Peer Support: a participatory approach to a realist review.Croot L, Harris
Chronic disease management mobile app
Interested in helping make patients with chronic illnesses self manage via a smartphone? Then look no further! Vida is developing an app that aims to help patient's monitor their health. Patients can receive feedback and question healthcare professionals. For further details, please visit this website.

NOV 07

The ScHARR Student e-Journal: Promoting the introduction of 20 ...
Promoting the introduction of 20 miles per hour speed limit areas in Sheffield: Capturing local residents' perception of the 'Playing Out Event' initiative and its potential benefits on children's health. Ágnes Belencsák graduated from the Master ...
The ScHARR Student e-Journal: Ankle sprains: a survey of current ...
From September, Cheryl will be working with members of the CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber team in Sheffield for six months doing some qualitative data analysis for a study she was involved in during her Masters research placement.
Second year medical student's first experiences of research...take 2!
I have spent the past 6 weeks on my research attachment with the RAT group and was researching the information needs of people affected by dementia. My task was to design a grant proposal for prospective research and having read through literature on the broad topic of dementia, I found out that people from Black Ethnic Minorities in the UK have difficulty accessing dementia information, with stig

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