Tuesday, 11 November 2014

ScHARRNews - Tuesday 11th November 2014

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Value of implementation
The Department of Health's Policy Research Unit in Economic Evaluation of Health and Care Interventions (EEPRU), recently completed a programme of work examining the value of investing in greater implementation of health interventions.  The programme consisted of a review, the development of a framework and the application of the framework in two case studies.  The reports are listed below, whilst
Nintendo sleep monitorring device
Nintendo is developing a sensor tool that aims to track an individual's vital signs via radio waves. It does this as the user sleeps and connects with smart devices e.g. cloud technology to analyse the data. To learn about this click here.
The Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology research group ...
Dr Cudd, Senior Research Associate at the School of Health and Related Research said “At CATCH we are delighted to win this award for Innovation in Healthcare with HMA. It reflects our strong collaborative relationship and ...


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