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A smartphone app for efficient healthcare professionals local know-how to clinicians' pocketsLocal information for local healthcare professionalsNative iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android apps launching in 3 NHS trusts in August 2013App runs on cached content (fast navigation)" An app with local up-to-date content for each NHS Trust "Up-to-date database specific to each TrustPilot app with view to further roll
Recently published CEAs
Twice each month the CEA Registry Blog lists recently published cost utility studies and associated papers.  From the ones listed this time, here's a few in our areas of research interest:Charokopou M, McEwan P, Lister S, et. al. The cost-effectiveness of dapagliflozin versus sulfonylurea as an add-on to metformin in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Diabet Med. 2015 Mar 28. [Epub ahead o

APR 10

Cell salvage for vaginal delivery - is it time we considered it?
Author(s):Wilson, M.J.A. | Wrench, I.J.Publication year: 2015Journal / Book title: International Journal of Obstetric AnesthesiaAccess all results for your search in Scopus
The Veterans Affairs Department plans to debut the first two of several mHealth apps providing veterans easier and quicker access to healthcare data via smartphones and tablets sometime early this fall. The first app is called Summary of Care, the second is Blue Button. Both provide access to electronic health records, but Blue Button lets users create a PDF file to share data with non-VA provide
After being tested in Afghanistan for use in military settings, the FDA has cleared the DANA (Defense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment) mobile assessment tool for measuring reaction time. Reaction time can be a sign of brain injuries that are common on the battlefield such as concussion, dementia, post-traumatic stress and depression, says product developer AnthroTronix."In essence, measu

APR 08

Introducing: Robear!
"A strong robot with a gentle touch" Robear is a robot that has been designed to serve the aging population in Japan. The new nursing care robot claims to be able to lift people from a bed to a wheelchair and to assist people to stand up.Interested? Then click here to find out more!

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