Thursday, 30 April 2015

ScHARRNews - Thursday 30th April 2015



Instagram for medics?
Who thought an "Instagram" for medical professionals was the way forward? Well, according to some, it could be. Medics can upload images to Figure 1 (medical Instagram equivalent) and comment on them and make notes. They can even share these images with other medics. The images must be anonymised and the medics who have access to figure one must undergo a strict vetting process before th


Decision support app developers sued by pharma
From Pharmafile,Photo by Sean MacEntee via Flickr CC BY 2.0“A tech start-up says it is being sued by pharma giant Sanofi for presenting facts about a drug’s side effects in a decision support app.Austrian firm Diagnosia’s Enterprise tool presents doctors with evidence-based information about a drug’s benefits and risks to help them decide on the right treatments for patients. It includes the posit

APR 28

Researchers call on DH to withdraw 'seriously flawed' alcohol report - Care Appointments
Researchers call on DH to withdraw 'seriously flawed' alcohol reportCare AppointmentsDr John Holmes and his colleagues based at the University of Sheffield's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) say that key assumptions within the analysis are “simplistic” and call for the report to be withdrawn and revised targets set.and more »
Microsoft's Fitness Band - a bit like marmite!
Microsoft's first wearable tech since the Spot smartwatch is here! Some say it's a bit like marmite. Some love the design, smooth, modern, slick... others may think it looks more like a house arrest ankle bracelet - ouch! The band is available in black, in three sizes and is easy to adjust. It's screen can be a watch, and function at a simple smartwatch level; give notifications, read emails, repl

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