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Living with multimorbidity: Medical and lay healthcare approaches
Author(s):Porter, T. | Sanders, T. | Richardson, J. | Grime, J. | Ong, B.N.Publication year: 2015Journal / Book title: International Journal of Clinical RheumatologyAccess all results for your search in Scopus


Report on UK alcohol industry's “billion units pledge” is flawed - International Supermarket News
Report on UK alcohol industry's “billion units pledge” is flawed International Supermarket NewsDr John Holmes and his colleagues based at the University of Sheffield's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) say that key assumptions within the analysis are “simplistic” and call for the report to be withdrawn and revised targets set.and more »

MAY 08

When it comes to information overload, we're like frogs in boiling water
This article was originally published in The Conversation Andy Tattersall, University of Sheffield To consider how being constantly connected through computers and mobile devices has encroached on our working lives, consider the experiment about the frog in a pan of boiling water.A frog in a pan of cold water that is gently heated will not realise it’s boiling to death if the change is sufficiently
NHS staff shortages endanger five year forward view
King's Fund report suggests that staff shortages and other pressures could damage plans outlined in the NHS five year forward view. The report states this will mainly effect three areas of the NHS workforce; mental health, general practice and community nursing.To read the report, click here.To read a related blog, click here.

MAY 07

Telecare design: has anything changed?
ClaireBentley, Lauren Powell and Prof Gail Mountain from the RAT group have published a paper exploring whether problems in the design and suitability of Telecare identified 20 years ago have been addressed today. The short story is, they haven’t! We spoke with 22 individuals who might be deemed eligible for Telecare but who were not using it, a previously under-researched group. Please click here
Job in HEDS
We are currently advertising for an Information Officer within the Information Resources Group.  The post is to undertake document supply duties, contribute to the management of journal subscriptions, and answer enquiries from internal and external clients. Basic knowledge of copyright law and familiarity with the administration and maintenance of library management systems and online library cata
Job vacancy - Information Officer, University of Sheffield
Post title: Information officer (document supply) Post ref: 010675 Closing date: 17 May 2015Working pattern: 3 days a week, for 12 months What? Participating in the provision of specialist health research information service to NHS and University staff and students undertaking research. The post holder will undertake document supply duties, contribute to the management of journal subscriptions, an

MAY 06

Researchers reveal 3D printed airway splints for infants
As 3-D printing picks up steam within the industry, U.S. researchers have harnessed the technology to develop a device that treats infants with a life-threatening airway condition and changes shape as children age.Doctors at the University of Michigan created a 3-D printed airway splint that helps babies suffering from tracheobronchomalacia, a condition that causes tiny airways near the lungs to c

MAY 05

ScHARR Information Resources Recruiting
ScHARR Information Resources Group are currently advertising for an information officer post to participate in the running of our health research information service, specifically undertaking document supply duties. If you are interested in this post, please see the further details here.
Systematic Reviews Toolbox
At a recent HEDS Seminar, Chris Marshall talked to us about automated systematic review (SR) tools and his development of the SR Toolbox.Image by Daren via Flickr CC BY 2.0The Systematic Review (SR) Toolbox is a searchable online catalogue of tools to support SRs, which aims to help reviewers find appropriate tools based on their needs. It uses a simple, yet flexible, classification system to clas
Job Opportunities in Oxfordshire
Several job opportunities Adaptimmune based in Oxfordshire. Positions include Media Preparation Technician, Database Manager, IT Systems Administrator, Platform Technology Scientist/Senior Scientist and many more.Further information can be found on their careers webpage.

MAY 04

Internal validity of non-randomised studies
EUNetHTA has opened a public consultation of the draft methodological guideline “Internal validity of non-randomised studies (NRS) on interventions”.  Interestingly, NICE was involved in the review and validation of the guidance.  You can access the guidance and consultation here, or skip to the recommendations below:As the inclusion of non-randomised studies (NRS) in an HTA report requires large

MAY 02

How Categorizing Obesity Gives Us Meaningful Insight Into Treatment -
Care2.comHow Categorizing Obesity Gives Us Meaningful Insight Into TreatmentCare2.comResearchers from the University of Sheffield's School of Health and Related Research took data from the Yorkshire Health Study of 4,144 obese people all of whom had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above which is the benchmark for when someone's ...

MAY 01

Creating mental space in the workplace
OK, so this doesn’t have anything specific to do with libraries, information or health, but creating a space in which we can comfortably work and concentrate is important to all of us. The following are just a few tips I’ve picked up along the way - mostly from colleagues, the Internet, courses I’ve been on etc. Not everyone works in the same way, so more than anything I’d encourage you to take so
Online mental health hub in Sheffield
...what a great idea! This online resource will advertise opportunities that could help people during their recovery/management of their condition (specifically in the Sheffield area). There will be discussion forums and online mentoring will be avaikable to allow people to chat and share ideas with regards to recovering from a mental illness. There will be a wide range of ways information is deli

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