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ScHARRNews - Tuesday 18th February 2014



First NICE Medtech Innovation Briefings published
From the NICE website:“NICE publishes its first Medtech Innovation Briefings today (Tues 4 February) on a range of novel technologies: a device to cool the brain in patients who've suffered a heart attack, a system for measuring narrowing of arteries in people with angina, a hydrosurgery device for cleaning wounds and a test to diagnose kidney damage.The NICE briefings … include the likely costs o


ScHARR Bite Size at UCISA Conference - Changing Landscapes
This week I was lucky to attend and present at the UCISA one day conference hosted by the University of Sheffield at the excellent Edge conference centre. I didn’t know much about UCISA when I was asked to submit an abstract based on their theme Changing Landscapes back last year, and was pleasantly surprised by what an innovative and interesting conference it was and how much of it mattered to my
Key to sustainable nutrition in Africa is prevention not treatment
Nutritional programmes by foreign donors in Africa typically focus on treatment and technical solutions, like vitamin and mineral supplementation. However ground breaking research conducted by the EU-funded Sustainable Nutrition Research for Africa in Years to come (SUNRAY) project discovered that community-based interventions to prevent, rather than treat nutritional problems are desperately nee
Data – Perceptions of the Design of Communication Aids
Image from Barnsley AT Team blogThe Barnsley Assistive Technology Team have recently published a paper about some research they carried out in partnership with the RAT Group in 2010 about users’ perceptions of the design of voice output communication aids. A report can be downloaded here (free login required). For further information please visit the Barnsley AT Team’s Blog.

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