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ScHARRNews - Tuesday 4th February 2014


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Trend analysis and modelling of gender-specific age, period and birth cohort effects on alcohol abstention and consumption level for drinkers in Great Britain using the General Lifestyle Survey 1984-2009
Author(s):Meng, Y. | Holmes, J. | Hill-Mcmanus, D. | Brennan, A. | Meier, P.S.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: AddictionAccess all results for your search in Scopus
Visitors to HEDS
Jan Abel Olsen and Thor Klaussen are visiting HEDS from 3rd-5th February.  During this time they will be discussion possible collaborations and presenting a seminar entitled:"Health and wellbeing: Comparing four health state utility instruments and two measures of wellbeing".Jan is a Professor of health economics and Chair of the health services research unit at the Institute of Community Medicine, University of Tromsø, Norway and an Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Health Economics, Monash University, Australia. Thor is a PhD student and a member of the Health Service Research un
Key to sustainable nutrition in Africa is prevention not treatment - Medical Xpress
Key to sustainable nutrition in Africa is prevention not treatmentMedical XpressMichelle Holdsworth, Professor of Public Health at the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield said: "Africa faces huge problems of malnutrition in all its forms, including hunger, micronutrient deficiencies and obesity ...


Cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of depression in people with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Author(s):Hind, D. | Cotter, J. | Thake, A. | Bradburn, M. | Cooper, C. | Isaac, C. | House, A.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: BMC PsychiatryAccess all results for your search in Scopus
Interesting Post About Microsoft Kinect and Stroke Recovery
Take a look at the Research Connections blog to read about how the Microsoft Kinect could aid stroke recovery.The post can be viewed here.
Health Utilities Database (HUD)
ScHARRHUD is an innovative database aimed at improving access to health utilities evidence.  It was developed and is managed by the Information Resources Group (IRG) within HEDS at ScHARR.  ScHARRHUD is a free, searchable web-based resource. The database holds bibliographic details of studies reporting health state utility values. ScHARRHUD is searchable by the names of health state valuation inst
A comparison of psychological stress among women with and without reproductive failure
Author(s):Coughlan, C. | Walters, S. | Ledger, W. | Li, T.C.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: International Journal of Gynecology and ObstetricsAccess all results for your search in Scopus

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