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Health Utilities Database (HUD)
ScHARRHUD is an innovative database aimed at improving access to health utilities evidence.  It was developed and is managed by the Information Resources Group (IRG) within HEDS at ScHARR.  ScHARRHUD is a free, searchable web-based resource. The database holds bibliographic details of studies reporting health state utility values. ScHARRHUD is searchable by the names of health state valuation instruments used in each study. In providing this level of indexing, ScHARRHUD aims to make the retrieval of health utilities evidence both more efficient and effective. Whilst the focus of ScHARRHUD is o
A comparison of psychological stress among women with and without reproductive failure
Author(s):Coughlan, C. | Walters, S. | Ledger, W. | Li, T.C.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: International Journal of Gynecology and ObstetricsAccess all results for your search in Scopus

Key to sustainable nutrition in Africa is prevention not treatment
Interventions to prevent, rather than treat nutritional problems, are needed to alleviate malnutrition and hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa according to new research.

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