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ScHARRNews - Friday 30th May - Monday 2nd June 2014



Senate Awards for HEDS
The University of Sheffield has awarded a Senate Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching to HEDS own Andy Tattersall, Claire Beecroft and Chris Carroll, together with other ScHARR-ites Mr Chris Blackmore, Mr Luke Miller, Mr Dan Smith, Dr, Dr Angie Clonan and Dr Katie Powell.Commenting on their work, the award panel highlighted their development of MOOCs as particular value.  The HTA MOOC,
Look no further! The QuardioArm is here!
Ever thought about taking control and keeping an eye on your own blood pressure?Yes! I hear you say... but the blood pressure monitors on the market these days are so clunky, I'm not sure how to use it, it's ugly, it doesn't fit in with the rest of my belongings, it just gets dusty in a cupboard!What if you knew there is a blood pressure monitor out there, it is small, easy to use and dare I say..

MAY 31

First research culture discussion events announced | Nuffield ...
Chris Littlewood, Research Fellow, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield. Linda Evans, Professor of Leadership and Professional Learning, School of Education, University of Leeds. Further events ...
Save the Date -Conference 18th June | north east sheffield
Community's Got Talent is brought to you by: University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Research, Ship Shape Health and Wellbeing Centre, Sheffield CCG and local GP Practices including Sloan Medical Centre ...

MAY 30

Biggest innovations in healthcare tech, 2014!
Interesting article outlining 7 of the biggest healthcare technology innovations so far this year. We find number 7 particularly interesting...!1. Microchips modelling clinical trials2. Wearable technology e.g. Google Glass3. 3D printed bio materials4.  Optogenetics5. Hybrid operating rooms6. Digestible sensors7. Interoperability; doctor - doctor communication (telemedicine?!)To read more click he

MAY 29

Preventing the adverse effects of psychological therapies
In the AdEPT study (understanding and preventing the Adverse Effects of Psychological Therapies), researchers from the University's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) and the Department of Psychology, ...
Merely observing stressful situations can trigger a physical stress response - Medical Xpress
Medical XpressMerely observing stressful situations can trigger a physical stress responseMedical Xpress(Medical Xpress)—Stress is contagious. Observing another person in a stressful situation can be enough to make our own bodies release the stress hormone cortisol. This is the conclusion reached by scientists involved in a large-scale cooperation ...
Expert's fears over effects of high sugar intake - Sheffield Telegraph
Expert's fears over effects of high sugar intakeSheffield TelegraphJohn Mooney, from Sheffield University's School of Health and Related Research, supports proposals to bring in regulations governing sugar – ranging from guidelines on packaging to a tax on fizzy drinks. “Sugar isn't as intrinsically dangerous as ...
Health promotion interventions for increasing stroke awareness in ethnic minorities: A systematic review of the literature
Author(s):Gardois, P. | Booth, A. | Goyder, E. | Ryan, T.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: BMC Public HealthAccess all results for your search in Scopus

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