Tuesday, 3 June 2014

ScHARRNews - Tuesday 3rd June 2014



Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines update
ISPOR’s Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines resource has now added Slovenian Guidelines.  In addition, Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines for New Zealand have been updated to show discounting at 8% and the Image: ADESrequirements for a financial impact statement.  Other recent revisions have been made to the guidelines for Finland, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, United States, and the Slov
10 reasons why Telehealth adoption will take off?
According to Rajesh Vargheese, CTO of CISCO Healthcare Solutions, there are 10 solid reasons why telehealth adoption will take off:1. Paradigm shift generated by healthcare reforms2. Policy changes and legislation reimbursment3. New business models4. Pervasive vedeo5. Evolution of the medical devices6. The mobility revolution7. Infrastructure and delivery models8. Consumerism of patients9. Integra

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