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Self care in the digital age
EVENT: Self care in the digital ageWHEN? 24th June, 2014, 9am-12.30pm OR 2pm - 5.30pmWHERE? The King's Fund, London W1g 0ANWHAT? DALLAS (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale) and the King's Fund will explore and debate how the UK manage its health and social care needs both now and in the future. Debate will be between people from different backgrounds including policy, commissioning and


Latest journal articles from HEDS
Published in May….Valuations of epilepsy-specific health states: A comparison of patients with epilepsy and the general populationMulhern B, Rowen D, Brazier J, Snape D, Jacoby A, Marson T, Baker G, Hughes DEpilepsy and Behavior 36:12-17 Jul 2014Using generic preference-based measures in mental health: psychometric validity of the EQ-5D and SF-6D.Mulhern B, Mukuria C, Barkham M, Knapp M, Byford S,
Self monitorring your own health data. Controlling "smart home" devices. Apple has an app for that!
Ever thought about how useful it would be to be aware of your own blood pressure? What about turning he lights on and off in your home without touching the light switch? Yes! I hear you say. Apple has thought about this too. So much so that they have developed an app to just this and much more. The apps entitled "HealthKit" and "HomeKit are set to be launched in the Autumn.For furth

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